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A series of furniture objects which are half mould and half cast.

1. A box mould is constructed from timber.
2. The interior of the mould is cast into.

3. The mould is opened up.

4. The cast has the texture of the wood.
5. The wood pieces are flipped inside out
6. A reversed impression of the wooden side now exists.
7. The two sides are joined together.


This was the first experiment in the series which uses smashed up old palletes for the mould. All of the marks and damage on the wood appear to be like intentional decorative motifs once they are reflected on to the cast.

The Palindrome pieces are functional. They are empty forms and the reinforced cast material is strong but light and is sealed to be impervious. All the doors are hinged and the units can be used as a normal cabinet, chair or table would.

Palindrome cabinets:


Gun cabinet with Marigolds


A Palindrome is a word that spells backwards and forwards the same. Each piece of furniture is engraved with a palindromic title that results in a raised word or phrase on the opposing cast side.Etymologically Palindrome comes for the Greek for 'riding backwards'.

The title of the shelving unit on the left 'MR OWL ATE MY METAL WORM' is reversible and named after Ron Arad's metal 'Bookworm' shelf. While his is sinuous this is a simple architectonic block.

(below is the title plate for HANNAH)



Palindrome stools: ANA, A, I, II

Palindrome benches:







Palindrome tables:



SAIPPUAKAUPPIAS is the largest piece in the series. It is a 12.3 metre long outdoor banquetting table constructed in connectable iroko sections.The title is Finnish for 'soap vendor' and is one of the longest palindromic words. The table was too large to photograph in its entirety.

The table was commissioned by Moss New York



Many thanks to David Gardener (London) and Chris Chiappa (New York) for their work on the table




Palindrome bed:

His and Hers

The bed plays with the idea of masculine and feminine form, where the female part of the construction (the mould) is larger than the male part (cast).

The head-board is carved with symmetrical flowers that meet in the center parting line.

Created for the Moss, New York stand at Design Miami (Miami) 2009.




The first Palindrome series was created for Design Miami / Art Basel 2009. It was a response to the brief set for the award Designers of the Future award which specified the use of plaster and mirror as the primary materials with which to build an installation (shown here).

There are various pieces in the series and many are currently available from Moss New York and Philips de Pury, London. The series was nominated for Designs of the Year 2010 at the Design Museum, London. A commercial interpretation of the idea is also explored in Mirrored Wardrobe manufactured by Skitsch.