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Pattern Cabinets

Patterns exist everywhere, yet our subconscious minds rarely bother to alert our conscious minds as to what we are experiencing. The surface design of these cabinets is derived from skin textures found on mine and my son’s bodies. The textures have been digitally reflected creating a symmetrical pattern that appears both familiar and strange at the same time.

These cabinets are an offshoot from a large public artwork to be unveiled later this year, in which skin textures from patients and staff at a UK hospital wrap around the building.

The cabinets are made in MDF. A homogenous fleshy material that can be used as a base to mimic other materials. Formed MDF is often used for the ‘patterns’ in metal sand casting and my intention is to develop these pieces into cast iron, a metal which I feel hovers between organic and metallic (natural / man made) once it rusts.