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FORMcard is a handy, pocket sized card of meltable bio-plastic. Simply drop it in a cup of hot water to make little solutions to everyday problems. When it's cool it's really strong like nylon, so you can make solid durable solutions with it, and then you can reheat it again and again to adapt, change and reuse it. Because it's a convenient card size, you can keep one in your pocket, wallet, kitchen drawer or tool box so that it's there whenever and wherever it's needed.

A great benefit is that when it's very hot, it sticks to some other plastics, so you can actually use it to instantly fix say.... a favourite plastic shovel when you are on holiday.

FORMcard was launched on Kickstarter on the 11th November 2015. It was successfully funded on the first day and completed the campaign with 816% funding and more than 2000 backers. FORMcard was then trasnferred over to Indiegogo where it was successfully funded by over 10,000 customers

It would be great to connect with you on social media where we will be posting updates as the project develops by clicking on the links at the bottom of this page. You can also visit the FORMcard website here WWW.FORMcard.com


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